Let's talk numbers


Simple, flat-style graphics to bring your content to life


/ item


Long-form infographics to present even more data


/ 10 data-point


Annotated graphics to explain concepts or visualize data


/ data-points

Thrifty 30

30 items or data-points to be used for any graphic type


/ month

Sassy 60

Requests can be used towards graphics, mini-infographics and infographics.


/ month

Noble 90

90 items or data-points to be used for graphics, mini-infographics and infographics.



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Pricing FAQ's

The most frequently asked questions, answered.

An item is a single character or object that will appear on the graphic. We don’t count small details or simple shapes as items. You can see examples of how items are counted here.

A data-point is a single piece of information that will appear on the graphic, requiring it’s own illustration. This could a number, word, sentence or paragraph. You can see examples of how data-points are counted here.

Graphics are illustrations only. Mini-infographics and infographics allow for annotations, including text, numbers, or any other form of data.

They’re basically the same thing. A mini-infographic tends to have fewer data-points, resulting in a landscape or square image. Long-form infographics are portrait, and often have multiple sections layered on top of one another with a dedicated header and footer. If you’re not sure which one to order for your project, ask us.

Please see the pricing table above for order timeframes. In any case, we aim to deliver all small orders within 48 hours or less, though larger orders can take up to a week, and sometimes longer.

We offer unlimited revisions within 7 days of the work being delivered. Our only requirement is that all revisions must adhere to the brief you provided upon ordering, meaning any new information may not be accepted. For this reason ,we strongly recommend making sure all relevant information is provided when ordering.

No, we offer this at no extra cost. If you would like your logo added to the graphic, please state this in the brief upon ordering and supply the logo file for us to use. Please also indicate the preferred position and size of the logo on the final graphic.

Small background details can be added free of charge, just let us know in the brief upon ordering. More complex backgrounds may require a small fee on top. You can request a quote here if you’re not sure, otherwise we will let you know if any additional fees are required upon receiving your order.

Yes. You may choose to include the editable source files for each individual graphic in your order. This is a small cost relative to the graphic, but it will allow you (or another designer) to make any changes to your graphic at a later date.

We have a page dedicated to our past work, including illustrations, mini-infographics and long-form infographics. You can see them here.

We understand that not every graphic project fits nearly into one of the categories above. If you have something a bit more custom, we would be more than happy to give you a quote. Please fill out the form here and we’ll get back to you with our best price within 24 hours.

Our billing system goes through Stripe, which is a trusted payment gateway that accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. We also accept PayPal.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the work was not delivered in the specified time-frame, or clearly did not adhere to the brief you supplied upon making your order. Please check our refund guidelines for more details on the refund conditions.

Please check our more comprehensive FAQ’s section. If your question still hasn’t been answered, it’s best to reach out to us here. We’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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